Viktor & Vinga

January 28th, 960 AD marked the birth of one of the greatest Vikings to live in the Norseman Age. Some say he was kin toThor, the Thunder God. Unfortunately, this Viking’s tale was lost amidst the breaking surf of the mighty Atlantic Ocean over a thousand years ago.

That is until the spring of 2010 when the mystery was finally revealed…

This legend takes us back to the height of Viking power. Thor’s chosen Viking hero had set out across the ocean in search of new western lands. A thick, dark blanket of clouds wrapped tightly around the seas of the North Atlantic while streaks of lightning illuminated the desperate scene. Cold, wet spray tore into the faces of hardened Viking warriors as they wielded massive oars. Dressed in full battle armor, Viktor the Viking stood in complete disregard to the conditions around him. He was renowned for his strength and courage, and his own men faithfully followed him into the murky abyss.

In the end, the tiny ship was blown far off course and deep into the Great Lakes of the North American continent.

Here, the vessel and its Viking crew went down in a cyclone of swirling water and foam. They sat at the frigid bottom of Lake Superior, where Viktor was incased in ice to await the time when he would thaw and fulfill his destiny.

That time came in the spring of 2010. After thawing on the shores of Lake Superior, Viktor heard rumors of ice-cream eating Viking warriors on steel horses. Thrilled at this news, Viktor raced south to these meet these Vikings in a place called Freeland. When he finally arrived, he was surprised to learn that these Vikings battled in a game called touring. There he met Vinga who he took as his bride and co-rider. The chapter knew his spirit, willingness and support of GWRRA would be invaluable to them. So he was asked to join their chapter as the mascot.

Determined to once again be a hero amongst his Viking brethren, Viktor agreed to remain a part of the Voyaging Vikings as their official chapter mascot.

After all, how much demand is there for a thousand year old Viking warrior skilled in the arts of pillaging and plundering?

So, today Viktor can be found in a trunk of a “steal horse” with Vinga at his side touring North America enjoying Ice Cream as they go.

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