Our Chapter History
What is now called Chapter V started out as the Voyagers Gold Wing Road Riders Touring Club. The club was sponsored by Bay Cycle sales of Bay City, Michigan.  The club first had their meetings at Bay Cycle in the showroom after the business closed.  The club officers were as follows: President-Bud Bowers, Vice President-Clark Wentz, Treasurer-Jim Garrison, Roger Mowery-no office listed. 
Mike & Lorna Rodriquez were the sponsors.  Bob Hay published the first
newsletter on July 28, 1983

Roger Mowery worked with the State Staff when they decided to join the Gold Wing Road Riders Association.  The only thing they wanted to keep from their original touring club was their name of the Voyagers.  I'm told that this was not an easy task.  First we had the letter "O" assigned to the chapter. Then they gave us the letter
"P" and finally we were assigned the letter "V" because we were the Voyagers.

Chapter V's first newsletter was published April 10, 1984.  Today we send out over 75 newsletters to regional and State Staff, along with most other Michigan chapters and our current members. To the best of our knowledge Chapter V was chartered in 1983.

Chapter V is part of GWRRA Region D, which includes chapters in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Our gatherings are monthly at the Freeland Memorial Park Building on Park St. in Freeland. This is approximately 100 yards south of the light in Freeland on the west side of the road. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month. Gatherings start at 7:00 pm, but sometimes are preceded by a social hour starting at 6:00 pm.  Come early to socialize and enjoy each other's company.

Our officers meet 1-2 weeks before the gathering -
(the 1st-2nd Monday of the month)

We also have a monthly dinner ride during the off-riding season as well as other planned and ad-hoc rides.

During the normal riding season - May-September - we have Ice Cream rides each Tuesday evening. We have a dedicated staff who all do their best to offer a variety of rides and activities for the members and their families!


Chapter V Milestones

Apr. 84-Oct.  1984-Roger & Tanis Mowery-(Area Rep.)

Apr. 84-Oct.  1986-No AA/R listed

Nov. 84-Mar. 1986-Jim Dankert-(Area Rep.)

Nov. 84-Mar. 1986-No AA/R listed

Apr.  86-Mar. 1987-Bud & Rose Bowers-(Area Rep.)

Apr.  86-Mar. 1987-Tim & Becky Bush-(Asst. Area Rep.)

Apr.  87-Jun.  1991-Tim & Becky Bush-(Area Rep.)

Apr.  87-Jan.  1988-No AA/R listed

Feb.  88-Dec. 1989-Bill & Sue Brown-(Asst. AA/R)

Jan.  90-Jun.  1991-Dick & Ginger Arthur-(Asst. Area Rep.)

Jul.    91-Dec. 1991-Dick & Ginger Arthur-(Area Rep.)

Jul.    91-Dec. 1991-Ken & Dee Snyder-(Asst. Area Rep.)

Jan.  92-Dec. 1994-Marty Ignasinski & Shirley Morrel-

(Area Rep.)-Married 6/22/94

Jan.  92-Jun.  1992-Lyle & Fran Struthers-(Asst. Area Rep.)

Jan.  92-Dec. 1994-Greg Petrimoulx & Robin Winchell-

(Asst. Area Rep.)-Married 5/16/94

Jan.  94-Dec. 1994-Leo & Daun Wolfe-(Asst. Area Rep.)

Jan.  95-Dec. 1995-Greg & Robin Petrimoulx-(CD’s)             

Jan.  95-Dec. 1995-Leo & Daun Wolfe-(ACD's)

Jan.  95-Dec. 1995-Bob & Diane Tebedo-(ACD's)

Jan.   96-Dec. 1999-Leo & Daun Wolfe-(CD’s)

Mar.   96-Apr.  1998-Jeff & Diane Shields-(ACD's)

Mar.   98-Dec. 1999-Leonard & Diane Pond-(ACD's)

Jan.    2000-Jan.  2002-Leonard & Diane Pond-(CD’s)

Jan.   00-Jan.  2002-Bob & Carolyn Wisniewski-(ACD's)

Jan.   02-May 2004-Bob & Carolyn Wisniewski-(CD’s)

Jan.   02-Nov. 2003-Dennis & Nancy Bauer-(ACD's)

Jan.   02-May 2004-Wayne & Bonnie Christensen-(ACD's)

Nov. 03-May 2004-Dennis & Holly Hutchinson-(ACD's)

May  04-Apr.  2006-Dennis & Holly Hutchinson-(CD’s)

Dec. 05-Apr.   2006-Jon & Colleen Badour-(ACD's)

Apr.  06-Jul.    2007 -Jon & Colleen Badour-(CD’s)

Oct.  06-Jan.  2007-Skip & Paula Newton-(ACD's)

May  08-Nov. 2008-Chris & Pam Coughlin-(ACD's)

Nov.  08-Jan.   2010-Chris & Pam Coughlin-(CD’s)

Nov.  08-Jan.   2010-Kim & Sandy Bargeron-(ACD's)


Feb.   10-Jun.  2012-Kim & Sandy Bargeron-(CD’s)

Jul.     10-Jun.  2012-Rick & Joy Hebner-(ACD’s)          

Jun.  12-Jan15-Rick & Joy Hebner-(CD’s)

Sep.  12-Jan 15-Jim & Cindy Pozenel-(ACD’s)

Sep.  12-Jan 15-George & Dianne Williams-(ACD’s)

Jan.  15-Jan 19 -Bob Thill -(CD)

Jan.  15-Jan 19 -Glenn & Sue Wegner -(ACD's)

Jan 19 - Present Glenn & Sue Wegner - (CD's)

Jan 19 - Present Dave & Carolyn Frazer -(ACD's)






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