1. Full tank, empty bladders.
  2. Have the proper riding attire (extra clothes, rain gear, etc.)
  3. Be prepared for the entire ride. (Ask about it, check the schedule.)
  4. Meet at the same location, (this avoids confusion)
  5. Announce the CB Channel you will use.
  6. Leave on time. (It’s not fair to others to wait on latecomers.)
  7. The CBs #1 purpose is for the group leader & Tail gunner.
  8. Groups ride is staggered formation, at times the group leader may request a single file formation. (By CB & hand signals.)
  9. Groups should be made of  (7) bikes or less.  Minimum space between groups should be (10) seconds.

  10. Following distance should be a minimum of (2) seconds behind the vehicle in front of you.
  11. Use your turn signals early; this helps the non (CB ers in the group.)  Make sure you cancel your signal when completed.

  12. Know your basic hand signals, (single file, road hazards, etc)

  13. Lane change (GWRRA GOLDWING SWING) The group leader asks for a new lane, the drag will secure the lane and tell the leader.  The leader then signals, tells the group, and takes the lane.  Then each succeeding rider checks his/hers mirrors and also takes the lane.  When this move is completed the drag will let the leader know.

  14. When someone leaves the group, you should restagger with the        (GOLDWING SHUFFLE.)

  15. Know your limits and ride within those limits, you don’t have to impress anybody.  Remember Safety First, and the fun of riding will come with you.
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