Safety riding Techniques


Ø      Headlights should be activated at all times during operation

Always wear leather gloves and safety glasses.

If you lose control of your motorcycle while halted and it begins to fall over, don’t attempt to hold it up when it goes past center.  It’s better to hurt your machine than yourself.

Roadway Surface

Ø      Always look for grease, oil, water, sand, etc.

Avoid center of lanes particularly at intersections and left turn pockets. (Oil and water accumulation, no avenue of escape if in center of lane, and more possibility of being rear-ended.

Ø      Koff lanes lines as they are frequently made from a rubber-based paint and are slippery.

Ø      Anticipate possibilities of changing road surface conditions due to weather and/or construction, etc.

Ø      Avoid parking where vehicles have left oil/grease deposits.

If you encounter an object on the roadway that you cannot avoid, straighten the motorcycle up. Attempt to go over the object at a 90-degree angle and accelerate

Remember: A car can out stop a motorcycle.

Ø      When following another, never center on the rear of the vehicle.

Ø      Practice using both hand and foot brake even though the “wings” are equipped with the dual foot brake system. 70% of your braking is still your front brake.

Ø      Avoid braking sharply during turning movements.

In case of a flat, decelerate gradually.  Avoid heavy braking and always clear the lane.

When forced to brake sharply, always keep the front wheel straight.  If the rear tire locks and begins to slide, don’t release your foot brake.  Your rear wheel will follow your front wheel; however, if you release your rear brake and the rear wheel is off center, your motorcycle will attempt to correct itself and will probable “high side” you!

Lane Changing and passing

Ø      Use your mirrors consistently, but never rely on them.  Glance over your shoulder to confirm what you think your mirror shows you.

Ø      After making your lane change, always resume the same position you occupy in the group.  The same rule applies when you are passing.

Ø      Slow down prior t entering the curve or turn

Ø      Enter the curve on its outside staying within your lane.  Then move into the center to allow room for correction if speed is too great or radius is misjudged.  Be sure of the roadways surface.

Ø      When not familiar with the road, Slow Down.  Speed is still the #1 cause for motorcycle collisions as is driver’s error.


When approaching one and if you observe a vehicle facing toward you and attempting to turn left, assume that driver does not see you and will turn directly into your path.  Watch its front wheels even if the vehicle is halted.  If the wheels start turning in your direction-

Watch Out..!!



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